Innovation and Inclusive Design, the Fat Margaret How to start with something that you're not quite sure how it should be done but completely sure that it needs to be done? There had been no exposition in the Estonian museum field before that had been so comprehensively developed and took into account different accessibility issues for visitors with special needs. 
Leading the Fat Margaret's exposition team of the Estonian Maritime Museum was thus a constant discovery and overcoming of new challenges. How to make wishes a reality? Who are the local partners? How to involve target groups whose needs are sometimes conflicting with each other? What does it mean to have an accessible museum, where visitors with mobility, visual and hearing impairments can have an equally experiential exhibition experience, whether they are here with their families, as tourists or as maritime historians? We will take a look at one process from start to finish.

The talk will be given by Karen Jagodin.
NB! The talk will be held in Estonian.