Innovation and circular design, "A Completely biodegradable planting bag"

Dagöplast participated in Design Masterclass program with the aim to develop a fully biodegradable planting bag from the the production waste of biodegradable plastic bags. Coffee cups and plastic bags are a big topic in mainstream media and the trend is clear - we are moving towards more environmentally friendly alternatives. Now also the gardening world is moving in the same direction. And although it is not talked about that much, it is a growing market with great potential. As a biodegradable plastic bag is 2 times more expensivee than a regular plastic bag, the biodegradable planting bag is also more expensive. Why should a anybody buy it? I'll talk about our design journey towards an innovative planting bag which takes into account the needs of the users.

The talk will be given by Tanel Lips.
NB! The talk is held in Estonian.