Establishing a Sustainable Restaurant, Fotografiska Tallinn Restaurant

Fotografiska restaurant is based on the idea of ​​"sustainable enjoyment", which means that our concept focuses on food that tastes good and is prepared at zero-waste principle: "from bloom to root, from nose to tail".
Minimal leftovers will become compost overnight and find its way back to the fields and gardens.

In addition to food, we follow the zero-waste principle in our everyday operations - in how we plan our menu, prepare and package food, clean-up in the end of the day and make managing decisions. We do not use bottled water, rubber gloves, vacuum bags, food plastic or foil in our house. Staff's aprons, flower boxes, bread tins and vases are all made from recycled materials. It wasn't easy designing the whole restaurant to be sustainable, but as the result shows - anything is possible. 

In fact, we are on way to an even more environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions and the wish list of possible ideas is still long. In this sense, the Fotografiska restaurant is not ready yet, our story and concept are constantly evolving.

Speak is given by Peeter Pihel.