Ecodesign Audit

Ecodesign auditing helps companies identify areas where environmental awareness principles are easiest to implement and the impact of these changes is greatest.

Future economy is a circular economy and more and more companies around the world are on the process of implementing it. The Estonian Design Center in cooperation with its partners has developed a methodology for auditing ecodesign. An ecodesign audit will reveal the company's potential for moving towards more sustainable and resource efficient management.

Circular economy is an approach in which economic growth is separated from the over-exploitation of natural resources and the associated hazardous environmental effects. No material is wasted, but resources and materials circulate endlessly, thus producing longer value. Products shall be designed and constructed in such a way that products, their components and materials are reused and recycled. The aim is to reduce the need for new, natural raw materials and to ensure that substances that return to nature do not cause undesirable side effects.

The role of ecodesign is to create innovative solutions for products and services, emphasizing the rational use of resources, reducing waste, creating new innovative business models that look for alternatives to products and their materials, rather than turning them into waste.

The session is organized by the Estonian Design Center and is fascilitated by Harri Moora and Markus Vihma.
NB! The session will be held in Estonian.