Product Development In One Hour (instead of weeks)

Service and product development can be a true headache, often rooted in wrestling with small details. Also, when all parties finally put their pieces together, the result is a Frankenstein-like product which seemingly stays put together, but moves and acts a little too much on its own terms.

The recipe for great service and product development is actually simple. You need a batch of good team and a tablespoon of a secret ingredient called The Design System to help create order in every kind of chaos.

You are warmly welcome to attend the hands-on design system workshop where we’ll go through a product development simulation based on a real business case. You’ll see in real time how a product and a service are taking shape. You can witness how product development can be a smooth and substantive process, rather than a time-consuming craft, consuming less time and money, but definitely not quality.

You will gain valuable insights from the workshop on how to take your product development and teamwork to a whole new level. Business needs and the interests of end-users are at the center of the discussions. Arguing over what shape and color should the button be, will remain a part of history.

The session will be fascilitated by Helen Kokk and Maria Laanejärv from Nortal.
NB! The session will be held in Estonian.