Welcome to the forth Design Thinking Conference!

This year's conference is a hybrid event and will take place on October 21st at Fotografiska Tallinn or online, with the main theme being design-driven growth.


FOR WHOM? Conference for leaders, innovators and product or service developers - we name them all designers.

WHY? According to the study "The business value of design" by McKinsey, there is a strong correlation between design and superior business performance. The potential for design-driven growth is enormous in both product- and service-based sectors. For a source of inspiration, we will take a look at Scandinavian companies which is why this year's theme is Scandi Special. Scandinavian design is characterized by functionality, aesthetics, sustainability and user-centricity, in short it is the design that people love. What does it take?

WHO? We have selected the best examples of Scandinavian design - the products and services that are leaders in user-centered and sustainable design and have been recognised and awarded accordingly. Carefully selected presenters are highly experienced design leads, thought leaders, writers and keynote speakers.

SAFETY? From August 9th, all public events with over 50 attendees are required to check visitors’ infection safety. This means we will be checking to ensure all attendees have been fully vaccinated, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19 within 6 months. There is no possibility to test on site. We accept proof of a quick test performed in pharmacies, more information here.

Welcome to participate online!


For international guest
: you are welcome to join our live broadcast! All presentations are held in English, the online ticket is 199 euros + VAT.
The early bird auditorium ticket until Midsummer Day (June 24th) is 279 euros plus VAT.
The auditorium ticket is 349 euros plus VAT.
Come with your team! The price for more than 2 people from the same one organisation is 269 euros plus VAT.

Conference presentations can be reviewed free of charge by the auditorium ticket purchaser.


Participation terms and conditions: Admission to the conference is guaranteed by the paid invoice. Participation in the conference is by name, but the participant can be changed until the beginning of the conference. If you are unable to participate for any reason, please be sure to let us know at jane@designminds.ee. If you notify your absence up to 10 days before the conference, we will refund 100% of the cost paid. If you notify at least 5 working days in advance, we will refund 50% of the cost. Otherwise, the invoice is payable. We reserve the right to take pictures, videos and sound recordings at the event and share them with participants as well as on public media channels, as well as use them for promoting similar events.

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