Thinking, Motivation and Environmental Crisis

Who would buy a car which only has the gas pedal and talking about braking would be a blasphemy? Or an economy similar to this? We will talk about four crises that we’re facing, which paradoxically show how renewable resources - the only ones that keep us alive – become non-renewable resources with our approval and assistance; what are the non-solutions to this problem, and what could be the solutions that don’t need to be invented because scientists say they have long existed, but there is no public will to implement them; how is education involved in this and how knowing the thinking processes could save the day; how will the insidious way we motivate ourselves and others eventually become unsustainable; and how we are dealing with the fifth crisis - the happiness crisis - and why we only talk about one type of happiness, even though it might help us to know that there are actually two.

The talk will be given by Grete Arro.
NB! The talk will be held in Estonian.